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Lizard Lounge Bottle Rendering

Lizard Lounge

Mixed Fermentation , Table Beer

Stretched out on a recliner chair in the backyard, a faint breeze blows past to cull the staggering heat and late Summer sun. Black-eyed Susan flowers train up the line of the fence with quick little reptilian feet scurrying through. A faint sound, barely audible over the effervescent bubbling of a freshly poured beer, Welcome to the Lizard Lounge. This mixed-fermentation hoppy table beer was brewed in virtual spirit with our friends from Modern Times Beer in San Diego.

The malt bill consists mainly of the holy Golden Promise, a hefty amount of spelt for some body, and earthiness to round out the dryness of the beer. A mix of Munich and Vienna malt adds color and complexity, and we finish it off with some flaked rye, because love. Centennial in the boil, with a whirlpool addition of Talus to complement the tropical notes of a Brettanomyces fermentation and orange peels that nod at the Belgian traditions. Refreshing with subtle complexity, this all-day crusher will keep you coming back for more, with a different experience on the palette from sip to gulp



Alcohol by Volume
  • Available in Louisiana
  • Taproom Only
  • Anniversary Collaboration
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